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満開の桜 満開の桜

We wound around the small streets in the mountains of the countryside where a voluntary evacuation was in place,

passing Sakura Trees (cherry blossom trees) that were in full bloom and adding so much beauty to an already beautiful landscape.


I have never before seen so many different species of cherry blossom trees, nor any as large as they were here.  It just didn’t seem possible that this area would be considered ‘dangerous’. Tim would read out the levels as we passed through and although the levels wouldn’t be high in some areas, it was the amount of time spent exposed to those levels that was the danger.  The beauty of the landscape was again, a contrast to what lay on the other side of the mountains.

私はこのようなたくさんの種類の桜を見たことがありませんでしたし、またこのような 大きな桜の木を見るのは初めてでした。この地域が危険であるとはとてもおもえませんでした。ティムは移動中放射線量を測っていました。いくつかの地域では 高くありませんでしたが、これらの放射線量が危険なのはそれらの放射線にさらされてそこにとどまる時間の問題です。再び美しい風景が現れ、山の反対側の風 景とは対照的でした。

As we headed to Minami Soma, we were blocked from roads that were damaged and impassable.  This would add on another 1 ½ hours to our already long trip to try to get to Koro’s home…and we were already running late.  We would write down locations and the animals’ health conditions when we would see animals roaming for possible rescues later.

私達は南相馬へ向かいましたが、道路は破壊されていて通ることができませんでした。 コロの家に着くのが長い移動に加えてさらに1時間半追加される状況でした。さらに私達はこの時点ですでに遅れていました。私達は後で保護できる歩き回って いる動物達を見つけるとその場所とその動物の健康状態を書きとめていました。

Tim amazed me at how efficient he was with his navigating…intimidating for me to know that I would have to be doing this without him soon.  Finding places on addresses alone is NOT the easiest thing to do in Japan.  But Tim managed to drive straight up to Koro’s house…to a waiting family!


As transporters, we usually have only a very brief story on the animals.  The daughter relayed to us that her mother had decided to move back to her house (outside of the 20 km zone) and was lonely so asked Animal Friends Niigata (AFN), where Koro was being cared for, to please bring him back.


I think Koro was still a bit freaked out and didn’t know what was happening…and then it dawned on him that he was home and here was his family!!  I watched as the old woman wiped a tear away and it hit me at that time how much love she has for Koro.  The Japanese are very stoic people and I knew I had witnessed something that was impossible to hide.  What a thrill to be able to be part of this reunion!




Koro jumped with joy and couldn’t contain his excitement!  His mother brought him back to his doghouse with an extra helping of food and water as she welcomed him home!  Her daughter tried to greet him, but he was just too excited!




Then I saw something incredible happen…in a span of minutes, now tied to his post outside, a complete change of personality occurred and there he stood tall and proud barking at me…he was back at home doing his job!  Although I wanted to go hug him, I stood back as if I was intimidated to give him back his dignity…but don’t tell him that!  I couldn’t believe this was the same dog that we just spent 4 ½ hours with!  What a thrill!

コロは外の支柱につながれました。すると完全に変化が起こり、コロはまっすぐに誇りを持って立ち上がり、私に向かって吠えたのです。コロは家に戻ったこと により彼の仕事をしたのです!私は彼を抱きしめたいとおもったのですが、まるで彼の尊厳に威圧されるかのように後ずさりしました。私は私達が4時間半も一 緒に過ごした犬とはとても信じられませんでした。なんという感動!


I realized I have more judgments that I would care to admit to. I always felt that dogs should be able to live in a house and not tied outside within a limited amount of space exposed to the harsh elements. After meeting Koro and his family, I realized that his doghouse and his post was what gave him the most comfort, and that his family loved him as much as I love my animals…just different living conditions and different outlook. He’s not always tied…he goes for his walks and gets to enjoy sniffing every other dogs scents and get a change of scenery…all with his family nearby for him to protect and also feel secure with. Thanks, Koro-chan! You taught me so much!

私は認めざるを気にするより、多くの判断があると気づきました。私は犬は家の中で飼 うべきで、風雨にさらされた限られたスペースにつないで飼うべきではないとおもっていました。コロと彼の家族にあった後で、私はコロの犬小屋と彼がつなが れている支柱がコロにとっては大変居心地が良い場所であるということに気づいたのです。 そしてコロの家族は私が動物達を愛するのと同じくらい彼を愛して います。住んでいる環境や見た目だけでは判断できないことがわかりました。

As I basked in the glory of Koro’s reunion, Tim snapped me out of my reverie with another job we had to do…another contrast…we were to pick up the neighbor’s dog to take back to AFN with us as the owners were not either able to care for him or could not take him with them…I’m assuming it was going to be another temporary stay as was Koro’s case, but we were not told the story and I didn’t feel it was my place to ask.


Many ‘surrender’ their animals to JEARS for temporary care…and some for permanent care in finding another home for them. I quickly realized there was absolutely no room for judgments for the people who had to make the hard, unbearable choice to do what they have to for the best of not only themselves, but for their animals, too. I know I could always assume that I would never give up my animals, but then, I’ve never been directly affected by a triple disaster and who knows if that finding another home for them would be the kindest thing you could do for them? I hope I never find out.

多くの保護された動物達が一時保管のためJEARSへ向かいそして何頭かは彼らの世 話を恒久的にしてくれる新しい飼主の元へ引き取られます。私は困難な状況にある人々は判断の余地が全くなかったとすぐに理解しました。耐え難い選択は彼ら 自身にとって最善とは何をすべきなのか?それは動物達もまた同じです。私は私の動物達を決してあきらめることはしないとおもっていますが、私は直接3つの 重なった災害にあったことはありませんし、彼らのために他の住居を見つけることが最善なのだろうか?私は見つからないことを願います。

As I took the dog for a walk, I saw a car drive up and a man come out and look at me. I realized this was the father who had driven home to say his “goodbye” to him. We loaded the dog (I didn’t get his name) onto the car and let the mother and father spend their few minutes alone together.


My heart broke.  Just a few minutes ago, my heart was leaping with joy…and now this.  I knew the parents knew their dog would be okay and that they would see him again, but heartbreaking nonetheless, as no one knows exactly how much time it would be before they see each other again.

私が犬を散歩に連れていた時、1台の車が近づいて男の人が車を降り、私を見ました。 私は彼が家に戻ろうとしている父親で彼に「さようなら」を言うために近づいてきたことに気づきました。私は少しの時間母親と父親と一緒に過ごせるように犬 (名前はわかりません)を車に乗せました。私の心は壊れた。ほんの数分前まで私の心は喜びで躍動していたのに。そして今は…
私は両親がまた会いにくるので彼らの犬は大丈夫だろうとおもっていることを知っていた。それにもかかわらず痛ましい。誰も彼らがいつ会えるのか正確にわからない といことは悲痛です。

So, we said our farewells and started back.  We stopped by at a convenience store and as Tim was getting ready for his long trip back (he was dropping me off at a nearby train station so that I could get to our rental home where we were staying in Sendai with Kinship Circle), I called to check in with my Incident Commander and as we stood speaking, the ground beneath me started rolling gently…a reminder of where I was.

私達はコンビニエンスストアにより、ティムは戻るための準備をしました。(彼は近くの駅で私を降ろしました。私はKinship Circleと一緒に仙台にとどまるための賃貸ホームを借りる必要がありました。)

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